Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pony up!

You all know I got a new hair cut. And, there is a reason this new haircut makes me feel so good. I donated my hair to Pantene beautiful lengths. I have been wanting to do this for a while now, but I had layers in my hair and it took a while for me to grow them back. I am not saying it was easy. My hair one of my features that I really feel good about. I receive compliments on it once every so often. So, to cut my hair so short was a leap of blind faith. I might or might not have shed a tear when I heard the snip of the scissors and the gasp of people in the salon.
Now Imagine losing your hair and fighting a life threatening disease. That is is hard! I did my part in support of people all around the world fighting cancer and I love my new hair cut. Win-Win!:)

Have a great rest of the week!

Here's the Pantene beautiful lengths commercial.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I donated my hair and wanted to share it.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


I tend to do things in phases. Moods, you can call them. I was in a very good one this weekend and I think it shows. A hair cut and some self love is all you need to get out of the funk. Now, if I could do something productive in the kitchen, that would be the icing on the cake... So to speak.
Anyway, me and a couple of friends went to the Fort worth Botanical Gardens and it was a lot of fun. All the angles in the Japanese garden, with the light and shade was breath taking and peaceful. We should visit it more often.

Photo Courtesy: Ashish Srivastav

Shoes: TJMaxx
Sunnies: Versace, Necklace: Claire's, Top: Aeropostale, Jacket: Agaci

Watch: Micheal Kors

Bag: Just Fab, Jeans: Old.